Let’s talk about Netflix watch lists…

Somehow no one ever seems to be able to shorten it. By the time you finish watching what’s on it, there’s about 17 new releases enticing you to dump all your responsibilities on imaginary shoulders and settle into a life of binge watching – one can dream. This month, we have series, films and documentaries, hot and fresh on Netflix for you.


The Gentlemen


Cast: Theo James, Kaya Scodelario,

Genre: Comedy/Action/Drama

Launching: March 7

When aristocratic Eddie inherits the family estate, he discovers that it’s home to an enormous weed empire — and its proprietors aren’t going anywhere.

3 Body Problem



Cast: Jess Hong, Liam Cunningham, Eiza González

Genre: Sci-Fi/ Thriller/Drama

Launching: March 21

Across continents and decades, five brilliant friends make earth-shattering discoveries as the laws of science unravel and an existential threat emerges.

Is It Cake?: Season 3


Genre: Reality

Launching: March 29

With more stunning cakes and more shocking fakes, the competition is bigger than ever as bakers fool celebrity judges with their delicious deceptions.




Cast: Millie Bobby Brown, Ray Winstone, Robin Wright

Genre: Fantasy

Launching: March 8

A young woman’s marriage to a charming prince turns into a fierce fight for survival when she’s offered up as a sacrifice to a fire-breathing dragon.

24 Hours with Gaspar


Cast: Reza Rahadian, Shenina Cinnamon, Laura Basuki

Genre: Action/Drama

Launching: March 14

With only 24 hours left to live, a private investigator follows a trail of confounding clues to uncover the disappearance of his childhood friend.

The Wages of Fear


Cast: Franck Gastambide, Alban Lenoir, Sofiane Zermani

Genre: Action/Thriller

Launching: March 29

In order to prevent a deadly explosion, an illicit crack team has 24 hours to drive two truckloads of nitroglycerine across a desert laden with danger.


Full Swing: Season 2


Launching: March 6

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