The closure opens doors for ambitious development plans…

Abu Dhabi’s own Nurai Island is headed for a temporary closure at the end of the week, with the winner in the What’s On Abu Dhabi Awards 2024 Favourite Luxury Staycation category closing its doors to guests effective April 1, as part of development plans.


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In a statement shared with Skift, a spokesperson for the property said, “In our pursuit of providing an unparalleled luxury experience, Nurai Island Hotel will temporarily close from Monday, April 1 2024, although it is unclear when the property will reopen to the public.”

Shedding lights on the developers’ vision, the statement expanded, “This scheduled closure forms part of an exciting transformation project for the hotel, in line with development plans to both elevate Nurai Island Hotel’s global appeal and enrich each guest’s experience. Upon reopening, a host of exciting new services, facilities, and amenities will await guests on the island.”

What is about to come is anyone’s guess, but if Nurai’s track record is anything to go by, we could be looking at unprecedented standards in luxury within the lifestyle, leisure and hospitality domains.

Nurai Island has often been described as a trip to the tropics, and the locale is accessible only via a 20-minute boat ride from the Abu Dhabi mainland. With a recently-introduced personalised butler service upping its luxury quotient, charming Mexican eat Dusk Lounge making its mark among diners and plenty of premium entertainment, active adventures and leisure activities rolled out during 2023’s final quarter, there’s always something unique for the whole family to experience, seven days a week.

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