And before you ask: No, not even water!

The Holy Month of Ramadan is expected to begin on either Monday, March 11 or Tuesday, March 12, 2024. The official dates are dependent on the sight of the moon and will be confirmed closer to the time by officials.

During the Holy Month, Muslims around the world will fast – that’s no food or drink – from sunrise to sunset. It’s also a month of deep reflection, joy, spending time with loved ones, generosity, and peace. It’s a month filled with traditions such as sharing iftar meals with family and friends, raising a glass of Vimto, visiting stunning Ramadan tents, and marking the end of the fast with the daily firing of cannons.

Living and working in the UAE means embracing some changes during this magical time. This includes things like reduced working hours, school timings, paid parking hours, mall and restaurant opening hours, and public transport schedules to make it easier for those fasting.

For non-Muslims living in the UAE, here are a few do’s and don’t to keep in mind during the holiest time of the year: 


  • Get involved and join in the community spirit, experience an authentic iftar, and try fasting for a day or two with your Muslim friends;
  • Embrace the spirit of generosity by giving back to charity, whether through Ramadan boxes, stocking up Ramadan fridges, or supporting other charitable initiatives;
  • Dress modestly in public, wear loose clothing covering your shoulders and knees;
  • Embrace the late-night culture, explore night markets, Ramadan tents, and community events.


  • Do not eat, drink, or smoke in public, if you can avoid it. Be mindful and show respect to those fasting;
  • Be cautious with your language and avoid swearing as blasphemy is considered extra offensive during Ramadan;
  • Avoid dancing or playing loud music in public, Ramadan is a time of peace and serenity;
  • Be cautious on the roads, particularly during the run-up to iftar, and consider booking taxis in advance, keeping in mind that many drivers will be breaking their fast in the evenings.

And last but not least, Ramadan Kareem, Dubai!

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