Did you know: there's a Global Village Pavilion Passport?

Visit pavilions to collect your stamps…

It’s almost impossible to not, at least subconsciously, draw comparisons between Global Village and the Expo2020 site.

There are the Wonka-factory-esque international pavilions of course – a core part of the experience at both locations; the pair of them share a fondness for family-friendly attractions and food adventures; there was overlap on the entertainment calendar too – shows, concerts, races, challenges, fireworks and furore.

Expo patronum

It wasn’t a copy + paste job, there were significant differences – GV was and will always be the OG, and though Expo2020 burned briefly, it burned brightly and will be forever remembered through its legacy project Expo City.

Stamp duty

If there was one thing we could resurrect from the Expo experience and transplant into Global Village… It would be those passports they used to hand out. Remember the ones? Going on a desperate scramble to collect the stamps from all of the pavilions, barging people out of the way and faux-immigration hopping like you’re a stowaway on Taylor Swift’s tour jet.

It turns out that Global Village was ahead of the game here too, introducing its own Pavilion Passport, back in 2016 (pre Expo). You can pick up them up from the ticket counters, and get stamp collecting now.

Stamp-ede incoming

If you’re up for a challenge, it’s worth noting that Global Village will be closing its doors for the summer on April 28, 2024. From today, that gives you just 30 days to collect just 27 stamps. Easy.

Ramadan nights

Throughout the Holy Month, visitors will be able to access the space between 6pm and 2am daily.

Beyond the extended opening, Global Village will also host a completely new Ramadan Wonders Souk right in the heart of the souk. The Emirati-themed market will offer trinkets, artisanal nicknacks and traditional Holy Month supplies.

There’s an opportunity to win some huge prizes throughout the month too, simply by Globetrotting. Rack up 10,000 steps at the park in a single day during The Ramadan step challenge, and log it in the Global Village app for entry into a draw that could net you such gadgetry wins as a Samsung Galaxy mobile phone, an Apple Watch.

Elsewhere in the themed alfresco wonder emporium, the Ramadan cannon will return – the region’s traditional way of signalling the end of the day’s fast; there’ll be a daily, 30-musician-strong Arabian Orchestra performance on the main stage; a Ramadan-inspired laser and fire show on Dragon Lake; special kid’s shows and Tannoura extravaganza.

Around the Globe

This Dubai-based ‘world’s fair’ began enthralling visitors as a set of kiosks in 1997, and has since ballooned in size, adding all sorts of attractions and shows, rides and dining experiences, scares, thrills and exhibits, mini golf, national pavilions, floating markets, carnival fun, foodie trails, concert hosting and they also set off extravagant fireworks displays twice each week (Friday and Saturday from 9pm).

But you know what hasn’t grown dramatically along with it? The admissions cost. Global Village has resisted the temptations of inflation, and as of right now– ticket prices start at just Dhs27 (booking online, in advance).

For more information on what you can experience at Global Village this year, check out our full guide.

Global Village, Dubailand, open 6pm to 2am daily through Ramadan, tickets from Dhs27. @globalvillageuae