The emirate is on its way to becoming a drone hub…

If you enjoy flight, flying objects and even manning your own unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), this will interest you: Abu Dhabi’s Department of Municipalities and Transport (DMT) has just issued a new set of regulations for drones and drone operators in the capital.

While these technological wonders will help you realise your dreams of flight, capture stunning imagery and more, these regulations apply to all areas of the emirate, including in free zone areas.

The DMT has has assumed several responsibilities including oversight, permit and certificate issuance, establishing rules for drone flight conditions, and setting standards for drone take-off and landing sites, along with creating guidelines for drone-specific infrastructure such as airports and runways.

What does this apply to?

The new regulations will apply to all unmanned aerial vehicles in the emirate, no matter what type of drone you’re using. They aim to ensure the safe use of drones, in addition to promoting their correct management and regulation, as well as the monitoring of drone operations and related activities in the UAE capital.

The new regulations will encompass design, manufacturing, assembly, modification, inspection, maintenance, development of simulation systems, training, qualification, clubs, infrastructure development, airports, fuelling stations and more.

How can you know more?

The DMT has also announced that it will conduct awareness workshops for drone owners and operators, to clarify procedures and requirements for drone operation and associated activities within the emirate.

What does this strive to achieve?

This standardisation of systems and procedures related to drones will also contribute to making Abu Dhabi a hub for the drone industry, while enhancing smart transportation and innovation in the aviation industry.

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