The announcements came via several social media posts…

The body concerned with the regulation of private education in Dubai, the KHDA has issued a notice to all non-state run schools, nurseries and universities that they must offer distance learning on Wednesday, April 17.

This follows on from yesterday’s announcement which issued the same directive for today.

The message shared on X, reads…

It joins an announcement by the Dubai Government that all public sector employees will be allowed to work from home tomorrow. It added that “private sector entities are urged to adopt remote working tomorrow”.

These decisions will have likely made under consideration of a the NCM’s earlier forecast that “another wave” of heavy rain is set to hit tonight, with yet more rain expected during the day on Wednesday.

How’s my driving?

That means, staying home if you can, not relying on delivery drivers where possible, and if you do have to go out in the car – driving in line with wet weather condition guidelines (more on that below), and keep an eye on the RTA and ICT social media channels for road closures and alternate routes.

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