All under parental supervision…

Have a teen who always banks on you to book their Uber? Well, with Uber Teens, parents no longer have to be the ones booking. The new offering is available in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and in Jordan.

With Uber Teens, parents or guardians can invite their teen (ages 13 to 17) to create a specialised Uber account that enables the rider to request their own rides – all under parental supervision.

So, how do you create an account?


Parents can invite their teen to create the account by going to the ‘Family Profile’ section in the Uber app.

The teen will then receive a link to download the app, after which they can create their account. They will need to complete the mandatory safety onboarding process. Once this process is complete, teens can start requesting their trips.

* These items were left behind in Uber taxis in Dubai *

But, how safe is it?

When a trip is booked, parents will be sent the driver’s name, vehicle information, and requested drop-off location so they know exactly where their teen is going and who is behind the wheel. Parents can also contact the driver at any time during the trip.

For further safety, before a teen gets into the car, they need to give their driver a unique PIN for the driver to start the trip.

Additional safety checks include the use of sensors and GPS data. This will detect if the ride goes off course, stops unexpectedly or ends early. If this does happen, the Uber app will message the teen and the driver to ensure they are ‘OK’. It is also worth noting that only highly rated, experienced drivers who have passed a local screening and background check will be deployed.

Lastly, audio recordings are also available on all trips. If, at any point, you feel uncomfortable during your ride, you can record the audio of the trip within the app. Audio will be recorded in the app, and you can share it with Uber after the ride has ended.

Expanding on the new launch, Pia Tabet, Uber’s General Manager for the UAE said, ‘Teen accounts are built with transparency in mind, so that there are no surprises for parents, riders, or drivers. We’re thrilled to offer this innovative feature to families across the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Jordan, with key safety features built into the heart of the experience.”

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