Including who’s eligible, how to apply, and the benefits…

In 2019, the UAE introduced a landmark golden visa, granting exceptional talents the ability to live and work in the country under their own sponsorship through a 10-year renewable visa.

In the years that have followed, the categories for eligibility of the UAE Golden Visa has expanded, allowing more people to make permanent roots in the UAE. If you’re considering applying for the Golden Visa, we tapped Jenna Jenkins, Managing Director of company formation specialists Luxe Incorporations, for all the information you need to know.

What are the criteria for a UAE Golden Visa?

There are several categories within the golden visa scheme. You need to consider the category that you will be applying for and also to seek proper advice to ensure it is the correct fit for you and matches you timelines. A rough guide to the different criteria is as follows:

Property Golden Visa

  1. Property value must be over Dhs2,000,000
  2. Less than 50 per cent mortgage outstanding
  3. UAE medical insurance in place
  4. Identification documents

C level (management) Golden Visa

  1. Monthly salary over Dhs30,000
  2. Fully attested and translated degree
  3. 6 months’ bank statements
  4. NOC from current employer
  5. Salary certificate
  6. Identification documents

Special talents Golden Visa

  1. Fully attested and translated degree
  2. Proof of works
  3. CV
  4. Recommendation letter
  5. Identification documents

What are the benefits of a UAE Golden Visa?

Obviously, long-term residency is a huge benefit for Golden Visa holders, but there are also tax benefits, plus investment, education and retirement opportunities that don’t exist for other visa holders. Of course, as a UAE resident you benefit from the country’s world class infrastructure and amenities, and can also sponsor your family under the visa.

Golden Visa holders are also able to stay outside the UAE for more than the usual period of six months in order to keep their residence visa valid, and have multiple-entry abilities too.

How does Luxe Incorporations help?

At Luxe Incorporations, we provide full support from the start to the end of the process. We can assist with preparing your documents through the attestation process, consulting on the correct Golden Visa which matches your requirements, and assisting with the medical test and biometric formalities. Once everything is in place, we finalise the visa and deliver your emirates ID card directly to your door.

If you’re not eligible for Golden Visa, are there other options to consider?

Certainly. If you do not meet the golden visa criteria, there are may visa opportunities available across the UAE. You could also consider a freelance permit, business ownership, or the more traditional employment visa where you’ll be sponsored by your company.