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AURA Skypool is known widely and loved well for many things. The view, for starters. Seldom can a view like that be discovered and appreciated the way it can at AURA, with the initmate privacy that being 50 floors above the ground offers, and the slowing down of time as all the noise and urgency of the Dubai brand of city life melts away.

Perhaps this is precisely why a yoga class in that space works so well. As you’re seated, cross legged, on your mat, and the cavernous opening before you gives way to this view, of The Atlantis and The Palm below and beyond, you get this feeling of unique liberation, like you aren’t held back by windows or railings.

AURA Skypool has a whole schedule of wellness classes that move from day to night, and are tailored to welcome people of all fitness backgrounds. On this day, we join the Yin Yoga Sound Healing class, held at 8pm on a Monday in the serenity of candlelight and gentle nighttime darkness. It’s the perfect thing for those who are looking to relax after a long, busy day.

Breathe in, breathe out…

When we walk into the space, everything one might need to have a comfortable, stress-free experience is already there, all organised for ease. A yoga mat, bolsters for support, water, a towel and even an eye mask for the second half of the class – this is your class starter kit.

As we settle down onto our mats, the class begins with some breathing exercises to shake off the energy and slip into a more mindful headspace. That high up, the breeze is chilly and the sound of the lapping waters from the pool is soothing. Once we finish the exercises, we start the first half of the class, which is the stretches or asanas.

The coach, Emilse, takes you through five movements, each held for four minutes each with a minute of rest in between. These movements are meant to stretch out your muscles, relax your body and help ease some tension. We go through the back, and then the hips and then the core and at the end of it, your limbs feel more loose and almost lightweight. Serene music plays in the background the whole time.

The second half of the class is when you relax fully. You are to lay down on your back, as one would sleep, and the instructor performs a series of sounds of varying pitches and frequencies using traditional instruments. You’re free to fall asleep, stay awake, meditate – wherever your body and mind take you. The class ends with more breathing and a wonderful message of gratitude.

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Besides the Yin Yoga, the full new schedule of classes includes a Sunrise Flow class at 6.30am, followed by Balancing Flow, Powerfit and Yoga Dance classes at 8am, on Monday, Tuesday, Friday and Saturday. Classes range from Dhs180 to Dhs280 per person, and include a complimentary wellness shot, as well as a gourmet breakfast after the 8am classes in the Indoor Lounge. Choose one dish and one hot or cold drink from the breakfast menu. For the exact details of the schedule, visit

AURA Skypool, The Palm Tower, Palm Jumeirah, Dubai, Tel: (0) 4 566 2121,

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