There are many of them…

Dubai is truly no stranger to world records, Guinness World Records has awarded the city with over 300 titles and Dubai holds each and every one of them near and dear. We always dare to be the biggest, best and craziest when it comes to completing feats that seem almost impossible – somehow Dubai will get them done.

Here are 9 of the coolest Guinness World Record titles that Dubai holds. 

The Burj Khalifa


This one goes without saying. The Burj Khalifa holds quite a few world records including the tallest residential and office building and the highest restaurant from ground level. The building is also the Guinness World Record holder for the highest fireworks set on a building and the highest base jump from a building.

Largest human sentence

Awarded to pupils of GEMS Education and in celebration of the UAE 44th National Day – the students were all dressed in white caps and t-shirts and a total of 6,958 participants from 35 different schools formed the words ‘Happy National Day’. This resulted in the world’s longest human sentence award.

Fastest police car in service

If there is one thing that Dubai is known for, it’s fast cars, yachts and living the high life. So much so that our very own police force has the fasted car in service. In 2016 the Dubai Police were awarded the Guinness World Record for their Bugatti Veyron that reaches a top speed of 407 kilometres per hour.

Most people performing burpees

The Dubai Fitness Challenge comes around every year and in 2017, 1,455 people performed burpees at the same time. An unconventional Guinness World Record, but still a cool one for Dubai to have nonetheless.

Largest observation wheel

Ain Dubai is an infrastructure that has been a highlight of the Dubai Skyline since its completion in 2021. While the Ain Dubai is not actively working, and we aren’t entirely sure when the wheel will spin again, it is still a marvel of a structure.

Highest outdoor overflow pool in a building

Bigger, bolder and always far more grand. Dubai is home to more pools and beach clubs than we care to count. This is why it only makes sense that the rooftop pool at the SLS Hotel has made the list for the highest outdoor overflow pool in a building. Awarded to the hotel in 2021, the swimming pool is located on the  75th floor and has two outdoor overflow pools.

Deepest swimming pool for diving

Deep Dive Dubai

It’s officially 60.02 metres deep, which has been recognised by Guinness World Records as the World’s deepest swimming pool for diving. That’s the equivalent of 11 giraffes. There’s a whole sunken city to explore with graffitied alleyways, an apartment, library, board games, and arcade zone and even a fancy car all available for aquatic perusal.

The highest running track on a building

The title was received by Wasl, one of the largest real estate development and management companies in the region for Wasl’s Sky Track. The running track is located on the 43rd floor of 1 Residences – a luxury residential tower within the Wasl1 master development.

The youngest person to publish a bilingual book series

guinness world record in Dubai

Published by AlDhabi Rashed AlMheiri, who was only eight years old when the books were published. She stated that she attempted the record at such a young age in the hopes of inspiring other children around the world to believe in themselves.

Images: Guinness World Records and supplied