Take a deeper look at your skin – and how to treat it – at Evolution Aesthetics…

Whether you’re staying in Dubai or travelling this summer, chances are you’ll need to give your skin a little extra TLC. As the heat increases and we dash between AC and the scorching outdoors in Dubai, hydration and sun protection are paramount. For those jetting off for sun-soaked shores abroad, the tolls of travelling can leave skin looking a little fatigued.

With my own summer plans a mix of the two, I decided it was high time to put my skin in the hot seat with an appointment at Evolution Aesthetics, a one-stop-shop for all things health, beauty and skincare, in Jumeirah 3. The clinic, the brainchild of expert cosmetologist Tamara Bigaeva, is known for bringing cutting-edge technologies for Dubai. So, it felt like a great place to start with giving my skin what it needed.

The space is light and bright, having transformed a whitewashed villa into a split-level clinic where treatment rooms offer everything from facials and peels, to IV drips, laser hair removal, and even body contouring.

I start my own journey with a consultation with Dr Anna, who invites me to take a deeper look at my skin’s current condition using the Janus Pro 3D skin analysis, something provided as part of all skincare consultations (skincare consultations are Dhs500, or free if you book a treatment from the consultation). You place your face into the machine at three different angles, and with a simple flash of a light, it’s identified your skin type, reviewed your pigment, and measured the oil and moisture content of your skin. It’s fascinating to watch as Dr Anna talks through the areas where I’ve got the most pigmentation, shows me how my low moisture levels are causing high production of oil, and shows me which areas of my face are seen to be aging fastest. While I’m relieved that the machine concludes that my skin age is 30 (my actual age), with skin texture of a 36-year-old, I’m looking to turn back a few years.

With low moisture levels detected, Dr Anna recommends a Profhilo (Dhs2,000 per session). For those, like myself, not phased by needle treatments, this is a high-impact moisture boost that uses pure hyaluronic acid to stimulate production of collagen and elastin. Dr Anna adds five boosts on either side of my face, working from the edge of the mouth to cheekbone in a quick, neat line that come with a little discomfort, but no pain. The whole thing takes around 20 minutes, and the resulting look is a rejuvenated and tighter looking skin that I notice right away. In the days that follow, I notice a brighter complexion too, with Dr Anna advising that the best results are seen after 10 days. I know best results come from a course of two or three sessions, so after a month, I’ll definitely be back.

Evolution Aesthetics Clinic, 49 Umm Al Sheif Road, Jumeirah 3, daily 9am to 9pm. Tel: (0)4 706 5000. @evoclinicdubai