If you’re into the more extreme side of life, you’re going to love this… 

The Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat has proposed a new 325-metre base jump tower for Dubai’s beachfront. That’s right.

If built, it will house a number of ‘base camps’ at different levels that offer up a mix of different activities, including extreme climbing, abseiling and jumping.

The lead architect 10 Design has come up with an impressive look for the tower, consisting of a ‘hexa-grid’ skin – which can be seen in the picture below – with the building flaring out at both the base and the top of the tower for structural stability.

Base jump tower

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At the base and lower levels you can find a training simulator, as well as junior climbing walls, wire assisted high diving, free-fall activities and other visitor experiences.

In the mid-levels, you’ll be able to take part in semi-external climbing, with abseiling environments located between the structure’s hexagonal grid as well as in the central core for a 140-metre-high climbing experience.

Base jump tower

Oh, and there’s also vertical cliff camping on offer in the mid-level section for those who like to sleep ‘rough’, with a view of the skyline.

At the highest level, the tower flares open, offering up a series of ice pick climbs for the more experienced climbing bunch, with the three peaks of the tower set to be used as platforms for both wire assisted free-falls and base jumps.

Base jump tower

While no official date has been set for the project and it’s not completely confirmed, the 325-metre tower will definitely be one to watch, and would make a neat change from the seemingly never-ending slew of malls getting built: offering up a different kind of therapy for those with which retail doesn’t quite cut it.

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– Photos: 10design.co