New first responder motorbike is equipped to rescue road accident victims trapped in cars.

When it comes to saving lives after a road accident, every second counts for the city’s emergency services – and Abu Dhabi Police have unveiled a new unit it hopes will save time and save more lives as a result.

The city’s police force has launched the emirate’s very first ‘first responder’ motorbike. A first responder is a qualified medic who can give advanced care at the scene of an accident, and being on two wheels means the police’s new unit can weave through traffic and reach the scene of an accident much quicker than a traditional police car or ambulance.

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The bike has also been modified and kit has been added so the officer can cut through a car’s frame and rescue victims trapped inside after an accident.

Colonel Mohammed Ibrahim Al Ameri, Head of the Emergency and Public Safety Department at Abu Dhabi Police said that not only would the office be able to safely cut people from wreckage of cars, but would also be able to take, ‘appropriate steps to transfer them to a safe location and wait for a specialist ambulance crew.’

The news comes just a week after Abu Dhabi Police revealed they are considering stopping the 50 per cent discount offered online on traffic fines, after 77 people died on the emirate’s roads in the first four months of 2016, a 42 per cent jump year-on-year.

They also announced last week that anyone caught driving on the hard shoulder on the emirate’s roads will face up to a month in prison.