For some – we’re thinking poor embattled men dragged along by their wives come sale day – Dubai Mall is something to be feared.

But the shopping hub is set to get a lot more scary thanks to Hysteria, a just-opened house of horrors.

Billed as “the first extreme haunted attraction in the Middle East”, Hysteria allows customers, or as they call them, “victims”, to face their nightmares, whether that’s dark, small spaces, or gruesome things jumping out at you. (We’re probably all afraid of that though…).

We feed on your screams… #hysteriadubai

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The attraction is made up of a series of near-pitch-black rooms and corridors, each of which reveals a new terror.

The theme? Experiencing “the desperation of hysterical parents on a deadly quest to find their missing children”.

You’re even warned to “not be fooled by the frantic giggles – the lost children might be up to something”, which is definitely one of the creepiest things we’ve heard.

It also sounds like there’s one room where you’re treated to a mini earthquake, the ground rumbling beneath your feet.

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Hysteria is a terrifying ordeal and by no means for the faint-hearted,” said the attraction’s Owner and Managing Director, Rami Khoury.

“With a keen desire to scare the wits out of our courageous visitors, we are thrilled to see them running for their lives upon leaving the manor.”

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If you’re not scared of an early heart attack, you can find Hysteria at The Dubai Mall on level two, next to Sega Republic. Tickets cost Dhs100 per person, and the place is open from 10am to midnight every day.

Be warned though, it’s so terrifying that visitors aged 13 and under must be accompanied by an adult…

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