It’s been reported that German heavy metal band Rammstein will be performing in Abu Dhabi. The supposed gig is set for December 16 at Yas Island’s du Arena.

The six-member group is best known for their industrial sound, over-the-top concert performances and controversial lyrics.

While most of the band’s songs are sung entirely in German, that hasn’t hindered their global appeal. In fact, the group has a massive following outside of Europe in Japan, Russia and Latin America.

Even if you are not a heavy-metal fan yourself, you will probably recognise them from their Grammy-nominated hit song Du Hast.

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Rammstein is known for pushing the boundaries when it comes to music and for their hyper aggressive performances that typically include plenty of pyrotechnics (think flamethrowers, flaming microphones and fire throwers attached to the guitars).

When What’s On spoke to the organisers Dream Factory Events about the upcoming performance, they said all of the information regarding the gig – including ticket prices and venue details – would be confirmed on their website in two weeks time.

The band is currently performing at rock festivals at the moment, with new gigs scheduled next month in both Germany and Poland, while in September they’re lined up to be performing in Chile, Brazil and Argentina.

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