Commute from Sharjah to Dubai? We have some good news…

While traffic can be an issue across the UAE, there’s no route that’s more gridlocked than the Sharjah to Dubai one.

Well, the good news is that a new 3 kilometre road to ease congestion near the National Paints Bridge has just opened.

The Sharjah Roads and Transport Authority (SRTA) announced that the road opened today, and that it was specifically built to ease congestion in Industrial Areas 15 and 17, which are right next to the National Paints Bridge.

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The Dhs49 million road runs from behind Sharjah English School (opposite Sharjah University City) and then continues up until the Oud Rakan Bridge on Maliha Road.

This is the area where the road begins: road


The reason the dual-lane road might help ease some of the Sharjah to Dubai traffic (and vice versa) is because it connects directly to Mohammed Bin Zayed Road (MBZR).

A lot of the commuters from Sharjah who travel along MBZR experience traffic within Sharjah itself, and so an alternate route from MBZR to a part of Sharjah should help ease the congestion within the surrounding Sharjah suburbs.

“The road provides safe and quick access to the main roads in the region, and eases transport of people and cargo,” said Yousuf Saleh Al Suwaiji, chairman of the SRTA.

Here’s the area the road will primarily help ease congestion in (but it will likely have a knock-on effect in other areas):industrial-areas

Where would you like to see another road built in Sharjah?

Photo: Iain Masterton/Getty Images & Google Maps. 

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