Everyone loves a heroic tale and it’s made all the more riveting when it took place right on (or just off) our shores.

Local Emirati Mohammed Al Zarouni, who works for the Dubai government, was out on a boat with his friend near The Palm Deira at around 7pm Saturday, when the duo heard cries of distressAl Bayan reported.

They turned their boat towards the source of the sound where they found five people close to drowning.

The five victims had been on a private cruise along the Palm Deira coastline before their boat was passed by a large ship, causing waves to hit the boat capsizing it.

In the process, they lost all of their belongings along with any means of communication.

Luckily the people on the boat were wearing life jackets, however they were left stranded and swimming for two hours – even splitting into two groups in an effort to reach the shore.

Making their predicament even worse, the group were battling against the current – eventually exhausting the group, particularly one member who suffers from heart disease.

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They managed to keep afloat by holding on to large plastic water bottles that had been on the boat beforehand.

Upon finding the group, Al Zarouni and his friend realised the five were fatigued and in dire need of help.

They jumped into the sea and dragged each of the affected out of the water and onto their boat.

Two of the victims required immediate first aid while blankets and water were given to the other three.

Al Zarouni refused any credit for the heroic deed. He said that it was the will of a higher power that rescued the five that day.

We think it’s safe to say the world needs more Al Zarounis.

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Images: Getty