Marvel, dinosaurs, scary Powerpuff Girls, rollercoasters, and all in the Dubai desert.

IMG Worlds Of Adventure is the world’s largest indoor theme park and it opens in Dubai on August 31.

Ahead of its opening date, the What’s On team were invited to come and check out the park, and we’re not going to lie – it’s pretty awesome.

Walk through it with us here (we weren’t able to film the rides but will as soon as we can!)…

5 things you should know about IMG

1. The Powerpuff Girls Mojo Jojo’s Robot Rampage ride is way scarier than it should be.

img worlds of adventure

We know it’s a kids’ show. Leave us alone. We were not prepared for what felt like 1200 rotations-per-minute as the ride kicked off. One of the tour hosts told us the ride was set to ‘medium’. There’s a higher setting? Think of the children!

img worlds of adventure

Here’s our face mid-ride…  we’re trying to be brave, but internally we’re all #help

2. The Haunted House is also pretty scary.

img worlds of adventure

Yeah, we know. The clue is in the name. As somewhat grown-ups though we thought we’d be able to handle it. Wrong. It was about the time that some dude was chopping up limbs and then one of the bodies reached out and screamed that we lost it.

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3. Thor Thunder Spin looks terrifying.

img worlds of adventure

This ride is definitely one for the thrillseekers, and for those with iron stomachs. If you thought Mojo Jojo’s Robot Rampage was bad, you’ve got another thing coming. This is Powerpuff Girls on steroids. Thor don’t play nice. Not recommended after lunch.

4. The food and beverage options are extensive, and all look delicious.

img worlds of adventure

From the colourful little candy-floss stands to the samosa-centric (yes, there’s a samosa restaurant), they’ve got food to fill any belly – whether you’re just looking for a quick burrito or an Italian feast. Here are all the restaurants you’ll find in the park. 

5. Your kids are going to love it.

img worlds of adventure

We know it probably goes without saying. It’s a theme park. There’s just so much to do. Between the live shows, fast rides, slow rides, play areas and movies – it would be so easy to spend an entire weekend there.

See you down there. Want to know more? Here’s a list of all of the rides.

And here are 19 photos from inside the park to whet your appetite…

img worlds of adventure

img-world-of-adventure-2 img-world-of-adventure-3 img-world-of-adventure-4 img-world-of-adventure-5 img-world-of-adventure-7 img-world-of-adventure-8 img-world-of-adventure-9 img-world-of-adventure-10 img-world-of-adventure-11 img-world-of-adventure-12 img-world-of-adventure-13 img-world-of-adventure-14 img-world-of-adventure-20 img-world-of-adventure-22 img-world-of-adventure-23 img-world-of-adventures-17 img-world-of-adventure-18


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Images: Supplied/Motivate Publishing