This takes ‘bring your dad to school day’ to a whole new level…

Al Jalila Al Maktoum’s class at Dubai school Kings’ School Dubai had a surprise visitor this week, H.H. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, ruler of Dubai and Vice President of the UAE.

This photo of Sheikh Mohammed visiting his daughter’s class was posted to Instagram yesterday by Sheikh Mohammed’s wife, H.R.H Princess Haya bint Al Hussein:

Princess Haya and Sheikh Mohammed have two children: Al Jalila turns nine in December, while the couple’s son Zayed, is four.

Princess Haya recently revealed the secret of her happy marriage to, “He is the secret,” she said of Sheikh Mohammed. “I am far from perfect, but he puts up with me!”

She also told Emirates Woman that the UAE’s recent focus on empowerment of women is far from token: “The leadership in the UAE, especially Dubai, has created an atmosphere that encourages the empowerment of women. And honestly, it isn’t an illusion – His Highness Sheikh Mohammed has always said that ‘a place without women is a place without spirit.’”

The couple’s young daughter has a foundation named after her already, the Al Jalila foundation, founded by Sheikh Mohammed and Princess Haya, invests in medical research and education in the UAE.

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While they’re an extraordinary family, they do get up to ordinary things at times. Here are some family snaps…

Visiting IMG World of Adventures last month:

Zayed having lunch with his father after coming home from school:

And here’s the family getting ready for Zayed’s first day of school, which was just last month. Mabrook!

Zayed and Al Jalila at Dubai Miracle Garden late last year:

Ending on an impressive note, here’s Al Jalila showing her dad how equestrian skills run in the Al Maktoum family: