These videos show Sheikh Mohammed talking about leadership and challenges in English (and we can’t stop watching them).

We’ve just stumbled across an Instagram account full of speeches from H.H. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, ruler of Dubai and Vice President of the UAE, and among them are some rare words from the Sheikh in English.

The Sheikh is known for his people-focused, service-led form of governance, and in these videos he talks about how tough moments in his upbringing made him who he is and how he wants nothing but the best for the UAE.

He also talks about how flashy developments aren’t as important as the people of Dubai.

In his words, “The role of government is to create an environment in which people can achieve their dreams and ambitions, not to create an environment that government can control. The point is to empower people, not hold power over them.”

Here are more words from him (click to play the videos)…

شعبنا .. هو كل شيء بالنسبة إلينا Our pepole are everything to us. #محمد_بن_راشد

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“I like the challenge. I have everyday challenges but nothing is impossible. A leader should teach his followers to be a lion like him. And then the lion will lead lions.

My life it wasn’t easy, it was hard, but they have to build you that way. That have to give you a hard life to become a leader. You have to have the pain you know.

We invest in our people. It’s not about the place but the human. They to us are everything. Not the projects or anything… we invest in the human and the young people.”

#رقم_واحد You are number one or you are nothing. #محمد_بن_راشد

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“We know where we’re going. We know exactly what we’re doing. And the emirates is going to be the best in the world, as easy as that. You are number one or you are nothing.” 

دُبـيّ … بعد ٢٠ سنة من الآن Dubai … 20 Years From now!??

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“Twenty years from now … my vision is for Dubai to be number one. Happiest nation, and in all those ways, we want to be number one.”

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And here are some bonus videos from the account

There’s Sheikh Mohammed performing a traditional Arabic dance…

Here he is making the day of two little citizens…

And taking a snap with Dubai schoolkids…

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