The struggle is real…

Many of Dubai’s residents live a life of convenience and luxury, which often makes it seem like the global centre of #firstworldproblems. Many of the city’s residents cave in to the occasional good grumble about something minor on social media.

Let’s be honest though, many of us will be able to relate. So we’ve compiled a list of tweets of the many #dubaiproblems some of us face that gave us a little chuckle…

1. Sunny struggles…

2. When the one day it rains is the one day you felt like a hot tub sesh’…

3. Of course she does. Have you seen our malls?

4. Have you tried a Maserati macchiato?

5. Gosh forbid you’d have to walk inside.

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6. You can pay for homes, but you can’t buy class.

7. At least you didn’t call him habibi.

8. Well, might as well just stay at home.

9. “Mummy, is this caviar sturgeon or beluga?”

10. Who doesn’t love looking like a pom-pom?

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