The strong winds on Friday caused some havoc around the city…

Weather forecasters predicted that we were in for a bit a wild weekend, and they were right – overnight many suburbs of Dubai saw rain, while Friday has been one of the windiest days we’ve seen in a while.

Temperatures ranged from 7 degrees Celsius to 18 degrees today according to the UAE’s official weather service, while winds reached 65 kilometres per hour in Dubai.

This wind led to dust blowing around the city (which anyone who walked near a construction site today will have experienced), but it also caused extreme waves to lap up onto the Palm Jumeirah.

These waves then led to water-logged roads, which you can see in these videos:

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Intense stuff.


The strong winds today also led to a crane near the Nassima Royal Hotel falling over, wrecking four cars and injuring one person according to Gulf News.

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The crane fall also caused heavy traffic on Sheikh Zayed Road.

It’s been reported that Dubai Civil Defence has the above situations under control – but tomorrow the wind is likely to continue to blow (although it’s not predicted to be as strong as today) so be careful on the roads. Also, the Dubai Tour whizzes through the city tomorrow – read all about the road closures here.

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