Community service as a form of punishment is taking off in the UAE…

Remember how young Emirati men who were filmed driving dangerously were then ordered to clean the streets they drove down (in City Walk) as their punishment? And then three men who were involved in a video that showed intense animal cruelty were made to clean the Dubai Zoo for four hours a day for three months?

Well, it looks like community service is becoming a national trend: a 19-year-old Emirati man has now been ordered to clean Abu Dhabi’s streets for three months after driving recklessly.

The offender also lost his license for three months and was fined Dhs17,000 according to the Abu Dhabi Judicial Department after he rather shockingly knocked over a bystander while carrying out dangerous stunts in his 4×4.

The Abu Dhabi government has shared this video of his driving alongside images of his punishment:

The offending stunts were seen in the Al Shamka area of Abu Dhabi.

Remember, the UAE government updated the law last year, and now law 120 states that community service will replace prison time for many crimes that would have otherwise seen a prison term of no more than six months.

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According to Gulf News the community service includes cleaning streets, public squares, beaches or parks, gardening and maintaining parks, unloading or loading containers at ports or assisting civil defence operations.

So it’s likely that there are many more cases of community service happening across the UAE right now, but the above three just happen to be the ones that the government have pointed out on social media.

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Image: Judicial Department Abu Dhabi/Instagram