Calling all Emoji-wannabes (we bags being the laughing smiley face)…

Dubai already holds the Guinness World Record for the tallest chocolate sculpture (a 44ft replica of the Burj Khalifa), the fastest police car in service (it’s a 1,000 horse-power Bugatti Veyron) and the most nationalities having a continental breakfast together (it’s 101, in case you were wondering).

So why not add another to the list?

This weekend Dubai is attempting another Guinness World Record to celebrate World Emoji Day (July 17). So what is it? Well, this Saturday July 15, movie distributor Empire will aim to create the largest gathering of people dressed as emojis. The world record attempt coincides with the release of the Emoji Movie, which hits cinemas next month.

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The attempt will take place at Dubai Mall Ice Rink from 4:30pm- 6:30pm on Saturday, and costumes will be provided. So will it be Emojis on ice?

Dubai isn’t the only one getting involved. The UAE will be part of simultaneous events in Brazil, UK, China, Russia and Ireland to set the record.

Empire, who are looking for 150 participants, are still running competitions for those who want to get involved. For more info head to Empire Movies Facebook page. But if you don’t make the cut to get into costume, it’ll still definitely be an interesting spectator sport.

What Guinness World Record would you like Dubai to attempt next?

Images: Twitter

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