Especially if you’re taking a ride from the airport to the city centre

Travelling by taxi is one of the most common methods of getting around Dubai for those without a car. This can sometimes lead to complaints of expensive cab fares which, while not unfounded, might be a little unwarranted it turns out.

A new pricing index compiled by Carspring has revealed that Dubai actually has some of the cheapest taxi fares in the world – at least depending on the scenario.

The index looked at 80 cities from across the globe, focusing on the average cost of per kilometre, waiting cost per hour, initial flagfall fee and fare from the airport to city centre. It’s in the latter category that Dubai came out topsranking 5th with an average fare of US$8.31 (Dhs30.52) from Dubai International to the city centre, only bested by Tallinn, Tunis, Mumbai and Cairo, with the Egyptian city nabbing the top spot with a one-way fare of only $4.20.

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Which city proved to be the most expensive to catch a cab into town from the airport? Japanese capital Tokyo, at a whopping $189 (Dhs694.20) on average per fare – that’s 22.7 times more expensive than in Dubai.

Some other interesting stats from the index showed that while Dubai’s initial flagfall for hiring a taxi ranked quite high (45th place at US$2.95) it still managed to crack the top 20 on a cost per km basis at $0.56, beating out other notable major metropolitan cities such as Sydney, Paris and Hong Kong.

So next time you feel like complaining about the cost of your cab ride, just be glad you don’t live in Zurich where the average cost for a 3km fare is cool Dhs92. Ouch.

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