It’s not just motorists that are being patrolled…

Dubai Police have confiscated 225 bicycles within the past week.

Why? Well, they nabbed the bikes of people who were riding in the wrong direction on major roads, riding on high speed roads (what defines high speed we’re not sure) or those who failed to wear helmets. 

They shared these two photos as examples of the kind of behaviour that will get your two wheels confiscated:

This man appears to be going against traffic and he’s also not wearing a helmet.

We can’t tell if this rider is wearing a helmet, but perhaps this is a high-speed road.

They say they’re doing this now to reduce the number of accidents involving bicycle riders, so it’s the peddlers’ safety that they have in mind. Whether the bikes will be returned or not is also unclear, but we imagine they will be (and will let you know when we know more).

It’s clearly written in UAE law that all cyclists must wear a helmet, however, in the official Road Safety law section on this government site we can’t find much more about cyclists and what they can and can’t do. We’ll investigate and let you know if we find out more.

The Dubai Police Facebook post also mentions that people should wear high-vis vests or the like while cycling, but it’s unclear if this is mandatory.

But we now know for sure that you shouldn’t take your bike on a highway, you have to wear a helmet, and that you shouldn’t go against traffic.

Remember, the laws for motorists were completely overhauled at the start of this month – here are 17 of the new rules that you should know about.

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Photos: Dubai Police/Facebook & Getty