You’ll also need to renew your licence every three years instead of every ten

Motorists over 65 years of age will soon need to undergo a mandatory medical exam when renewing their UAE driving licence.

The Road and Transport Authority (RTA) announced today that the changes will come into effect 1 September 2017, with all drivers aged 65 and above required to visit an approved public or private hospital or clinic prior to renewal being approved.

The initiative is designed to increase traffic safety levels across the board, with the tests intending to verify if motorists are free of any medical conditions that may negatively impact their driving abilities.

Upon approval, a renewed licence for drivers over 65 will now only be valid for three years, instead of the usual 10. Motorists who have recently renewed their licence still get 10 years, however those renewing after 1 September will be subject to these changes.

The RTA will allow approved hospitals and clinics access to its online licensing system, giving them the ability to judge whether a patient qualifies for renewal.

This new requirement comes hot on the heels of recent changes to the UAE’s traffic laws (including mandatory seat belt wearing for all passengers) that aim to make the country’s roads safer.

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Photos: Getty