Fans of fast food + dairy treats, it’s time to rejoice…

They’ve got McNuggets, Big Macs, the pita-bread McArabia – but for some strange reason McDonald’s in the UAE has never had milkshakes… until now.

That’s right, as of Saturday August 12 McDonald’s in the UAE will start permanently selling milkshakes for the first time. They did have them on a limited-time menu back in 2016, but now they’re coming back for good.

The flavours you’ll find are strawberry (a classic) and chocolate-Oreo (which is sprinkled with actual cookie). The milkshakes are made of a blend of soft serve ice cream, milk and ‘mix-ins’, aka flavours and the like.

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So how much will the milkshakes cost? They’ll set you back Dhs11 (or you can upgrade the drink in your meal to a milkshake for Dhs5).

You’re either the target audience for this news or you’re not, some of you will be planning your Saturday already so that you can make sure you get a milkshake, others of you will be thinking, ‘I didn’t even know McDonald’s did milkshakes…’

And no, McDonald’s milkshakes, despite the urban legends, do not contain any animal products apart from dairy (they state on their website that the milkshakes are suitable for vegetarians – although obviously not vegans). You can read the full ingredients list for the chocolate shake, which is made up of about 300 calories per portion, here.

Fast fact: McDonald’s has been operating in the UAE since 1994, and there are 158 ‘Maccy Ds’ across the emirates.

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Image: Supplied