And it was developed right here in the UAE…

Social media plays such a big part in all our lives that it’s often tempting to check out how many Instagram hearts your latest filtered burger photo has racked up during even the most inappropriate of situations. Say, a lecture on the principles of microeconomics, for instance.

Well, there’s now an app to help with precisely that. Developed right here in the UAE, Lock&Stock gives the UAE’s university students an actual incentive (on top of, y’know, learning stuff) to put down their smartphones and focus on getting an education.

Upon launching the app, all social media notifications are blocked (yup, that means no Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, etc) so that distractions are at a minimum. Then, for as long as a user’s phone remains locked, points are earned that can later be used to redeem offers and promotions around the UAE.

*This app is designed to help the UAE’s labourers get ahead*
*This new book swapping app is the perfect way to beef up your library*

In a clever twist, the app is only programmed to work at one of over one hundred UAE college or university campus that the user has specified, so there’s no risk of missing out on those all important Facebook likes for your epic rant on Marshall’s thesis on marginalism during a trip to the mall.

Speaking of the mall, the app’s developers have currently partnered with over 50 brands across fashion, food and entertainment sectors to provide a range of discounts tailor-made for students.

The app’s developer, Craig Fernandes said that “Through Lock&Stock, we aim to provide students with a positive incentive to put their phones away and actually pay attention. We hope that this will lead to improved attendance levels and better academic performances among students in the UAE.”

Sounds great Craig, but let’s be honest, we could all probably do with a similar app for work, weddings, the cinema and a whole host of other aspects of life.

The app is available now on iOS and Android.

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