This is great news for lovers of agua con gas…

Since launching on October 1, the new excise tax law applied to carbonated beverages, energy drinks and cigarettes has caused some confusion among UAE residents about which products are affected by the price hike.

The law states that all soft drinks will see a 50 per cent price bump, with energy drinks and cigarettes increasing by 100 per cent.

A comprehensive list of products that fall under the new pricing structure surfaced online earlier this week, however it included many types of carbonated water (think sparkling, soda water etc) that were previously thought exempt.

In an effort to clarify the matter, the Federal Tax Authority (FTA) have again confirmed that “non-flavoured aerated water” will not be subject to the new excise tax lawnoted a report in The National.

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Great news for lovers of agua con gas then, as prices should remain the same across the board while other carbonated beverage see a substantial rise.

The report also mentioned that the FTA has requested that any importers or manufacturers of goods that may potentially be subject to the new tax should inform the government body via their website of any additional products that should be added to the list.

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