It only takes one day to make a difference, says Dubai’s Crown Prince.

First there was the Dubai Fitness Challenge, and now HH Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum is encouraging us to get active in a different way.

The Crown Prince of Dubai has launched a new initiative called the ‘Day for Dubai’, which is all about showing what one day of giving can achieve.

The idea is that every resident can share the gift of their time by dedicating at least one day of the year (it can be any day that suits you) to volunteering.

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“UAE residents are characterised by goodwill and are constantly ready to offer a helping hand,” Sheikh Hamdan said.

“The ‘Day for Dubai’ initiative is testament to residents’ loyalty and belonging to their community, and serves to show how humane and tenacious our society really is.”

How can you get involved? Well, volunteering includes giving back to those in need, improving and maintaining your city and community, or protecting the environment – the possibilities are endless. If you need more inspiration, you can visit the Day for Dubai website and download the app, which highlights a number of worthy causes.

Just this week, Sheikh Hamdan showed us how it’s done, spending a whole day collecting rubbish from the sea with the help of some schoolchildren.

What a difference a day makes, indeed…

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