Dubai is so pretty it’s making us blush…

The Dubai skyline: it changes every day, most of it is only a decade old, and it’s mighty photogenic.

It’s easy to forget the magic of Dubai, so here are 19 stunning snaps of the city’s many faces to remind you how glorious our emirate can be…


#1: The skyscrapers huddled around Sheikh Zayed Road stand to attention in a line. This photo was taken near Al Mina and the Pearl Jumeirah.

Photo: Boaz Rottem/Getty Images


#2: Clouds shroud the buildings of JLT and Dubai Marina.

Photo: Anna Shtraus Photography/Getty Images


#3: The Burj Al Arab stands out next to the low rise suburb of Umm Suqeim. This picture also shows the land expansion near Kite Beach and the large green gardens of the huge houses of Al Sufouh Road.

Photo: Naufal MQ/Getty Images

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#4: The dhows that transport everything from fridges to figs between Deira and India/Pakistan/Iran etc have been at work since before any of the buildings in the background even existed.

Photo: Lost Horizon Images/Getty Images

world islands dubai

#5: Construction on the manmade World Islands began in 2003. Today, about half a dozen of the ‘countries’ in the archipelago are being developed or used for commercial purposes, including Sweden and Lebanon. The islands are about 4km off of the coast of Dubai.

Photo: Leonardo Patrizi/Getty Images


#6: The low-rise suburb of Karama is in the foreground here: planning law means all buildings in Karama are no more than four-storeys tall. Also, all buildings are residential (with the ground floors leased out to shops).

Photo: Siegfried Layda/Getty Images


#7: This photo of a crowded Dubai beach shows just how clear the shallow end of the Dubai ocean is.

Photo: Martin Barraud/Getty Images


#8: This photo is a reminder that the Dubai skyline isn’t all skyscrapers – drive 30 minutes inland near Big Red and this is what you’ll find.

Photo: Jon Bower/Getty Images


#9: Ghaf trees dot the flat desert that wraps around Dubai. The Ghaf is indigenous to the UAE and its roots can travel as deep as 30 metres underground to find water, which is why it’s so hardy.

Photo: Michael R. Cruz/Getty Images


#10: Rush hour traffic lights up the Sheikh Zayed-Financial Centre Road intersection at dusk. Fast fact: The Index Tower, which is the tallest tower you can see in this photo, was designed by famous British ‘starchitect’ Lord Norman Foster.

Photo: Juergen Sack/Getty Images


#11: This photo shows how expansive the waterway of Business Bay is.

Photo: Enyo Manzano/Getty Images 


#12: This beautiful home was the original show home when the World Islands were first launched.

Photo: Motivate Publishing 


#13: The empty lots in Al Bada are favourite match spots for hobby cricket players every Friday – and look at that skyline view…

Photo: Paule Seux/Getty Images


#14: You know what never gets old? A picture of the turquoise Arabian Ocean and the Burj Al Arab.

Photo: Motivate Publishing 


#15: Dubai Marina and JBR – it’s crazy to think that this skyline didn’t even exist just over a decade ago.

Photo: Tuul and Bruno Morandi/Getty Images


#16: The 63-storey, currently closed The Address Downtown peeks out of the clouds at dusk. We love how the fog has been ‘tie-dyed’ by the city lights in this picture.

Photo: Bjoern Lauen/Getty Images


#17: Low rise vs high rise – the Palm Jumeirah frond villas contrast against the high rises of the Dubai Marina.

Photo: Lost Horizon/Getty Images


#18: This photo is basically a greatest hits of the Dubai skyline (and a disco lights version too).

Photo: Getty Images


#19: While this shot of Bastakiya, or the Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood, is a reminder that the skyline of the UAE’s past looked very different. This suburb was first developed in 1890 (with much of it demolished in the 1980s).

Photo: fotoVoyager/Getty Images. 

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