There are no plans for an ultra-high-speed link between AUH and DWC

We’ve seen a significant uptick in Hyperloop news over the past few weeks, as the ultra-high-speed train system gets set to revolutionise the way we move about the emirates in the next several years.

With all that hype, however, come a bevy of rumours, which Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) today took to social media to dispel.

In a series of posts to its official Twitter account, the RTA confirmed that, contrary to rumours circling online, there are currently no plans to build a dedicated Hyperloop route between Abu Dhabi International Airport and Al Maktoum International Airport at Dubai World Central.

In the first of four tweets, the RTA namechecked Hyperloop TT, the technology company that last week announced it would begin building a 10km track on the Abu Dhabi – Dubai border at the Al Ghadeer residential community. Al Ghadeer is located close enough to Al Maktoum International that it’s possible this announcement caused some confusion, leading people to think that the Hyperloop route would also extend to the airport.

*DXB to Al Maktoum International in under 10 mins thanks to Hyperloop*
*Another Hyperloop route has been announced, this time in Abu Dhabi*

With regards to its own Hyperloop plans, the RTA goes on to further clarify that “the system is still under the process of research and development” and that no specific Hyperloop system is currently underway in Dubai or between Dubai and other emirates.

If anything’s for certain, however, it’s that the hype around Hyperloop is very real. You can read the RTA’s full statement below:

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