And you and your squad can enter into an eSports tournament to win $10,000

Esports are kicking off in the UAE in a big way, and earlier this year we saw the announcement of Dubai’s first purpose-built stadium exclusively for competitive video gaming.

And now, there’s another place where the country’s gaming fanatics can mingle online to find the latest news, enter tournaments and trade virtual bants in a bit of friendly competition.

The new Ready to Game ME website is an online gaming hub run by PC manufacturer Dell. It’s designed as a one-stop portal for the region’s gaming community to engage with players and fans across the Middle East. You can also, unsurprisingly, buy a host of gear from Dell’s Alienware gaming sub-brand.

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The most interesting aspect of the online hub is the events section which houses information on upcoming regional and global eSports tournaments. This is a great way for gamers to keep up to date on the latest tournaments for popular competitive games like OverwatchLeague of Legends and CS:Go.

Speaking of tournaments, announced alongside the launch of Ready to Game ME, Dell also unveiled the Battle of Cafes DOTA 2 Middle East Gaming Championship.

Kicking off on June 22, this tournament focusing on the DOTA 2 game will take place in Dubai with teams competing to win a grand prize of US$10,000 (around Dhs36,700).

If you and your mates think you have what it takes to nab that tidy prize package, then you can register online before June 17.

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