You could be eligible for up to 100 per cent off accrued Dubai traffic fines…

After months of speculation, a member of the Dubai Police traffic department has confirmed the extension of the Dubai traffic fine discount scheme from February 2020.

As per the Traffic Violations Settlement Scheme, any motorists who have Dubai traffic fines for minor road offences could be eligible for up to 100 per cent discount off the total amount if they commit no further offences. The percentages work on a three, six, nine month and one year basis.

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The scheme was originally launched in February 2019 to huge success, seeing Dubai’s motorists gain a longer grace period to pay their traffic fines and even be eligible for huge discounts. Dubai Police announced that over 557,430 motorists benefited from the scheme over the last year.

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Colonel Jumaa Bin Suwaidan, Deputy Director of the Traffic Department at Dubai Police, said that a study following the 2019 initiative showed positive results, hence the scheme’s relaunch in 2020.

At the moment, it’s not clear whether the relaunch of the scheme in February 2020 means that the year starts afresh, or fines from the previous year, from February 2019 to January 2020, will rollover into the new period.

As per the scheme, drivers who commit a minor offence, but commit no further road offences for three months will be eligible for a 25 per cent discount on their fine, none for six months will mean a 50 per cent discount on fines, zero offences for nine months could mean a 75 per cent discount and none for a year could get your fines wiped clean.

The discounted fine initiative applies only to privately-owned vehicles, and won’t apply to cars that are registered with businesses, rental offices or companies, including public or private transport companies. Individuals who live outside the state for more than three consecutive months from the date of the traffic violation cannot benefit from the initiative.

Happy driving…

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