The ultimate slip, slide ‘n’ fly is real, and it’s insane – and ready for thrillseekers in Hatta…

Located at the Hatta Wadi Hub adventure area, it’s been aptly-named the Drop-in, because you literally have to drop in, head-first into a pool after shooting down a huge slide that will see you soaring through the air at speeds up to 40 to 80km/h.

There are several slides to choose from, each different and offering a unique, thrilling experience. While some slides will bounce you across the surface of the water, others will make a huge splash as you get launched off a crazy slide. Strike a pose before you hit the waters for extra cool ‘Gram shots.

Both children and adults are welcome to give the Drop-in a go. Adults above the age of 12 will pay Dhs75 for 30 minutes of fun.  Children above the age of six are allowed to access the slides for Dhs45.

What does Dhs75 worth of fun look like? Watch:


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The attraction is open from 8.30am to 6pm.

We can’t wait to go check this out!

Hatta Wadi Hub, located off the Dubai-Hatta road, 8.30am to 6pm, Tel: (800) 637227.