Travel restrictions mean some tourists will be here longer than intended…

For those who’ve had their travel plans altered due to airport closures and Covid-19, good news came in the form of an announcement from the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (ICA), who clarified that those unable to leave the UAE because of travel restrictions will be, temporarily, legally permitted to remain.

As of tomorrow, all passenger flights and transits through UAE airports will be suspended for two weeks. Although visitors and residents were given notice of the impending closure of the UAE’s airports, due to international border closures and flight cancellations, some people have found themselves effectively stuck in the UAE for longer than intended.

The news that visitors to the UAE will not be affected by passenger flights suspension was reported through WAM, the Emirates News Agency, who said: “a specific mechanism for that will be announced in the few coming days.”

Both Etihad and Emirates have confirmed they are halting the majority of their services, and no new tourist visas are being issued for the UAE.

There are also restrictions on residents re-entering the UAE – if you are effected, make sure you check out our guide on what steps to take next.

Whether you’re a UAE resident or someone who’s found themselves staying longer than expected, it’s important to heed the latest advice from authorities to stay home, and to only venture out for essential work, food and medicines.