If you’re looking for an exclusive new hangout, this is it…

Dubai is seeing more and more secret bars, hidden hangouts and retro speakeasy’s popping up recently. From bars that require a daily password, to restaurants that request you to speak Spanish on the door, there’s no shortage of quirky and interesting secret spots.

One of the most intriguing on the list is found in the most unlikely spot. Nyx, inspired by the goddess of the night, is the 60-person underground nightclub, found in chic Greek eatery Gaia. The DIFC hotspot is loved by celebrities from across the globe, including Rita Ora, 50 Cent and A$AP Rocky.


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Unless you’re in the know it’s unlikely you’ll stumble across Nyx by accident, it’s intentionally well-hidden. Follow your intuition down the staircase and set off in search of a hidden door, blended into the wall of Gaia’s colourful souvenir shop.

Once inside, you’ll find yourself in another realm of design, a far cry from the white aetherian interiors that dominate the restaurant upstairs. Nyx has a retro Studio 54 feel, with red velvet sofa seating and clashing blue carpet. The walls and ceiling are adorned with pink mirrors, which make the cosy spot feel more vast.

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The thrill of becoming a part of an exclusive list of guests is almost as exciting as the experience itself. Dubai’s movers and shakers come together to enjoy signature hand-crafted cocktails and smooth beats, for the ultimate after-dinner soirée.

A variety of DJs play throughout the week, with signature nights ranging from retro and nostalgic, to feel-good house vibes. Either way, whichever night you choose to uncover the mystery of Nyx, you’re sure to have a great time.

Just don’t tell too many people…

Nyx, Gaia, DIFC, daily, 10pm to 3am. @nyx__dxb

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