The professional skier completed the gravity-defying jump over the moving supercar…

Living in Dubai, we’re used to seeing some seriously weird, wonderful and even death-defying stunts. Take for example, actor Tom Cruise scaling the outside of the Burj Khalifa or Jetman Dubai soaring through the skies, getting one step closer to Dubai’s mission of achieving the world’s first human autonomous flight.

But did you ever think you’d see a supercar take to the slopes of Ski Dubai, the world’s largest indoor ski slope? Well, that’s exactly what happened recently. Not only that, but a professional skier was also on the slope, and performed a gravity-defying jump over the moving super car.

The car in question was a Dragon Racing McLaren Sprint GT, which swapped the smooth tarmac of some of the world’s most famous racing tracks for the more unpredictable terrain of snow. It was fitted with tyre manufacturer Pirelli’s special winter compound tyre, enabling it to achieve the heart-stopping stunt.


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In the video, the scene cuts between the yellow-and-red McLaren GT Sprint, racing up the 85-metre-high ski slope, and the skier speeding downhill. Tension mounts as, at the last second, the car deftly maneuvers into a space between a jump, as the skier flies backwards over the top.

The stunt was part of a campaign by Pirelli named “power is nothing without control” to “highlight the exceptional control that Pirelli tyres provide in inhospitable conditions”. Behind the wheel of the McLaren GT Sprint was UAE driver Saeed Al Mehairi, a renowned professional driver on the UAE circuit.

The skier was named as Abdullah Al Mehairi, who said, “I was quite nervous when we started, but when I saw Saeed handle the car so well and hold it so steady on the snow, I was confident of my abilities to pull the jump off.”

Dragon Racing International is highly established and recognised in the motorsport community in the GCC region.


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