Prepare for another wet weekend…

After a weekend of heavy rainfall and electrifying thunderstorms in the UAE, we’re set for more of the same in a few days. The National Centre of Meteorology (NCM) has revealed its five-day forecast, and it’s a mixed mag.

The pleasant, partly cloudy weather we’re currently experiencing is set to stay for the next couple of days, with fog formations arising on Thursday March 26. From then there’s a probability of convective clouds forming eastwards by Thursday afternoon.

By Friday March 27, you can expect the amount of clouds to increase further, with a chance of scattered rainfall on Friday night. Wind speeds could reach up to 40 kilometres per hour, in southeasterly and northeasterly directions.

Winds are likely to increase slightly on Saturday March 28, blowing dust and sand. A chance of rainfall is expected from time to time, especially over coastal and western parts of the UAE.

Things are set to worsen on Sunday March 29, and continue through to Monday March 30. NCM has forecasted rainfall from time to time over scattered areas, with associated thunder and lightning. It predicts wind speeds of up to 45 kilometres per hour, blowing up dust and sand across the country.

The roads have quietened down for the moment, with many people following the government’s guidelines to stay home. However increased rainfall will make the roads slippery and visibility could be poor, so if you are driving be sure to take extra care.

Image: Unsplash