Lockdown? Completed it mate…

Playing video games is a great way to stave off the boredom gremlins, but like many things in life, it’s better with another player.

The great news is there are loads of fun, free games that let you get social with your pals while maintaining social distancing. These are some of our favourite mobile apps you can play with friends. Pro tip: Ignore the in-app purchases, nobody really needs Kwazy Cupcake Bucks.

Mario Kart World Tour

It’s-a Me! Mario… Even people who don’t like computer games can fall in love with Mario Kart. This mobile version of the popular Nintendo series of driving games allows you to race on tracks across the world, with a cast of Mario’s pixelated buddies. You can invite friends to compete against or rank up on your own. Warning – this title does include ‘the blue shell’, one of gaming’s number one causes of ‘rage-quitting’.

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Call of Duty Mobile

Level-up your zombie apocalypse skills with this customisable FPS (first person shooter) game. Call of Duty (COD) is one of the biggest franchises in console gaming history, and this free mobile app genuinely does it justice. Dive into classic COD multiplayer maps (think Crash, Hijacked, Firing Range and Nuketown 2) or the on-trend 100-player Battle Royale maps and let the bullets fly. Alpha Squad, weapons hot.

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Super Stickman Golf 3

This virtual crazy golf game ‘putts’ your short game on trial. Challenge your mates to 20 holes of sticky bogey, bunker-dodging fun, and see how well those friendships last when you ‘put a hole in one’. And while dressing in flamboyant golf apparel is encouraged, it’s entirely optional.

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World of Tanks

Place seven-aside team death matches… in a tank. You can command and rank-up a range of real-world war machines in this game that rewards both skill and strategy. Bored of pounding your mates into a smouldering pile of metal? There are 100 million active users of this game to take on across the world. And they’re all staying home too.

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Words with Friends 2

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Take this foreword as a warning not to invite your most competitive friends to play this game. It has the potential to end even the strongest childhood bonds. Essentially, it’s a Scrabble-inspired word game that scores you on your ability to construct words from a random assemblage of letters. And not to sound like we’re bitter, but sometimes it scores you on words that aren’t even real words. What’s a ‘ZO’? Ever heard of it? No? Didn’t think so.

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Fifa Mobile

Look, we probably don’t need to tell you, but if you like football and you like video games, this is an essential download. Almost all the phenomenal fun of the full-size console franchise on an itty bitty screen that fits in your pocket. Take control of the world’s greatest soccer stars and bang them in from the back of the park, or scream at the referee’s seemingly partisan adjudication – it’s end-to-end mobile sports game goals.

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