Keep calm during lockdown with these mindfulness sessions…

As the global fight against the coronavirus (COVID-19) continues, the disruptions to our daily lives can leave some of us feeling a little out of sorts. Fitness First, the chain of popular UAE gyms, are here to help, with weekly online meditation sessions.

The meditation sessions have been running for a couple of weeks now and can be found on Fitness First’s YouTube, Facebook or Instagram pages, so you can access them whenever you have a bit of free time. New sessions will be uploaded every Tuesday evening at 9pm (GST).

The meditation classes are between 15 to 30 minutes long and focus on breathing techniques to help ‘to help alleviate stress, improve focus, connect better and encourage people to be kinder to themselves.’ So, if you’ve always thought about giving meditation a go – there’s no time like the present to try it out.

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Practicing meditation has long been regarded as a great tool to keep the mind calm and a few sessions a week, combined with exercise, is believed to have a hugely positive impact on ones mental health. Mindfulness is said to improve the way we control emotions and moderate stress levels.

You can practice meditation from anywhere but it’s always good to designate a quiet little spot to do it in, so as to avoid any surrounding distractions. Try placing a cushion somewhere and turning a lamp on nearby to invoke a sense of calm.

Of the sessions, Fitness First says they ‘aim to rejuvenate the mind and organise thoughts, whilst enabling participants to observe their feelings without judgement, in turn creating a strong mind’. They add that the practice ‘enhances thought processes which can help boost moods and support wellbeing’.

Sounds good to us…

Fitness First Meditation, social media channels.

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