The news comes as Covid-19 restrictions begin to ease across Dubai…

Dubai’s golf clubs are the latest establishments that have been allowed to reopen, following weeks of closure due to the Covid-19 crisis.

Last night, clubs were advised that they could reopen to members from today, April 27. As with the reopening of shopping malls, restaurants and salons in Dubai, there are strict health and safety guidelines and precautionary measures that golf clubs must adhere to.

According to Kent Gray of Golf Digest Middle East, golfers must pre-book their round in advance, and wear masks upon arrival. Temperature checks will also be conducted on arrival, and anyone showing signs of illness will be asked to leave the course.

To ensure there’s no overcrowding on the courses, tee times at many clubs have been extended to 15-minute intervals, with a maximum of three players per slot. Motorised golf carts can only carry one person at a time, so many clubs are urging players to walk instead.

Other restrictions designed to prevent the spread of Covid-19 include the use of raised cups and the removal of rakes from the bunkers. Shower and locker facilities will remain closed for now.

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Dubai’s golf club restaurants are also allowed to reopen, providing they adhere to the new guidelines for food service. Seating capacity must be limited to 30 per cent, and diners must book in advance.


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Along with the relaxation of restrictions in Dubai comes the news that residents can now leave their homes to exercise for up to two hours a day. It’s worth noting that you can only exercise in groups of up to three people, and you must wear a face mask at all times while outdoors.

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