The newly launched service will ensure orders are fulfilled within the hour…

With the city on full 24-hour lockdown and a movement permit allowance of once-every-three-days to get our groceries and medicine supplies, it’s become a little trickier to obtain our essentials.

To ease things up a bit, Dubai’s Careem has just launched an on-demand grocery and medicine delivery service via the Careem NOW app, meaning you don’t need to leave your sofa.

The new service promises to ensure that all deliveries are fulfilled within the hour of them being placed. Goods include groceries, pharmacies, coffee shops, organic shops and pet stores.

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Retailers that Careem has teamed up with for the service include Lulu Hypermarket, 7-Eleven, 800-Pharmacy, Al Manara Pharmacy, Nescafé Dolce Gusto and The Pet Corner.

Additionally, The Coffee Souq, Julius Meinl Coffee, Al Dar Roastery, Rootz Organics, Al Douri Signature, Al Douri Mart, Supermarché, Narinport, Four Seasons Pharmacy and La Despensa Spanish Food Store are all involved.

Gheed El Makkaoui, general manager of Careem UAE said, “Careem’s pledge to assist the community, its partners, customers and Captains during these confusing times is our top priority. This new product launch enables us to further meet the needs of the community”.

On Wednesday, April 16, What’s On reported that during the city-wide 24-hour sterilisation programme, Dubai residents would now only be able to apply for an movement permit every three days (previously it was daily).

Essentials include groceries and pharmacy supplies. To apply, residents must fill out an online application. Confirmation of approval (or otherwise) is usually sent through shortly afterwards by SMS.