The actress and singer took part in an online interview with comedian David Spade…

American actress Lindsay Lohan has appeared in an interview with American comedian David Spade. The Mean Girls star shared details on where she lives in Dubai, how long she’s been here and what life is like during the coronavirus outbreak.

The video, which was shared on Spade’s YouTube channel, is part of his Lights Out series which checks in with celebrities from around the world. It aired on Thursday April 14, 2020, and delves into details about Lohan’s life in Dubai.

When asked where she is, Lindsay Lohan said: “I’m in Dubai. I’m kind of in the Wall Street area of Dubai, it’s like Downtown,” presumably referring to the DIFC area.

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“It’s a city built on desert, I came here in 2008 when they had just finished building the Atlantis hotel, and there was none of this here,” she continued. Lohan said she’s been living in the UAE for six years, but regularly travels back to New York.

Discussing the National Disinfection Programme, Lohan said: “It’s very strict here [Dubai]. You are not allowed outside, they take it very seriously. If you don’t have a reason for a permit to go to the grocery store and you are found without gloves or a mask…you are fined. And there are drones that clean the streets at night and are decontaminating everything.”

Lindsay Lohan shared that she’s currently self-quarantining with her sister, Aliana Lohan. “She’s stuck here with me in Dubai”, Lindsay said with a smile. “She was supposed to go and be working on music in Australia and…everything started happening with corona[virus] and it’s a blessing in disguise in a way because at least she’s here with me instead of in Australian with no one that she really knows.”

Watch the full interview here:

Image: Stills