Staying indoors during the Covid-19 pandemic doesn’t mean we still can’t connect with nature….

A youth movement in the UAE titled ‘Connect with Nature’ believes that nature is at the very heart of the UAE’s heritage.

Prior to the pandemic, the group used to hold events, outreach activities and discussion sessions, and even go on tours around the city exploring the best that nature has to offer.

But now that we confined to our homes, the group has gone digital and has launched virtual experiences to help nature lovers connect with the outdoors while staying indoors.


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They are now offering an exciting calendar of online classes and workshops that are totally free – all you have to do is register.

Past events have included Zoom debates on topics such as sustainability, and creative workshops (they recently up-cycled a bunch of plastic bags into a unique sunglasses pouch).

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To help you keep healthy, they even hosted a virtual workout session and a plant-based cooking class to help viewers make more conscious and delicious food choices.

Head on over to their website here to register for their upcoming virtual session, which includes a sketch challenge, a podcast and a virtual debate.

You can even participate in their ongoing Notice Nature 12-day Challenge, which after you’ve signed up, will send you different challenges for 12 days, providing new ways to connect with nature.

The tasks are simple and you don’t need to leave your house to do them. Take for example, Day 1, which asks you to step out on your balcony and spend a few minutes gazing up at the sky. They provide questions to get you thinking about what you see, how important clean air is, and more.

Connect with Nature is also on the lookout for 20 UAE Ambassadors for Nature, who will be at the forefront of nature conservation and will represent the UAE to the world. If you fall in the age group of 15 to 30, head here to find out how you register.