There are some awesome prizes up for grabs…

You pet owners probably already have hundreds of photos and videos of your pet(s) doing cute or  wacky things on your phone. Well, get ready to have a few hundred more photos added to your gallery thanks to this this fun online pet show with Homely Petz.

The show is spread over two weeks, starting from Sunday April 19, 2020 and there are some amazing prizes up for grabs.


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Here’s how you enter

Everyday, head on over to the @homelypetz social media accounts, Instagram or Facebook and look out for the post which states the category for the day.

Day 1 for example is Toy Breed Class ⁠— so if you have a small/mini/teacup furry pet at home, you will be allowed to enter this category.

If you’re entering your photo on Instagram, add your photo to your account, tag Homely Petz and add the hashtag #HomelyPetzOnlineDogShow. Your photo will then be added to their Insta stories where it will be judged.

If you’re using Facebook, add your photo to the comment section for the category of the day with the #HomelyPetzOnlineDogShow on their facebook page here where it will be seen by the judges.

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You will be allowed to enter in your pet more than once, but you can’t use the same photo across different categories. Your snap must be original and untampered with. For videos, ensure that the length doesn’t exceed one minute. 

Have more than one dog? Don’t worry, you can enter them all in the category that they fit in, but only one dog per photo.

Entries will need to be posted before 8pm each day.

Winners will be announced on Homely Petz social media channels the following morning and they will win some cool prizes ranging from online Homely Petz training session, weekend boarding at Homely Petz, and of course, some delicious doggy treats.

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