Buckle up and get those hands held high for the UAE’s wildest rides…

Florida might be the spiritual home of thrill rides, but the UAE is catching up fast. And whilst the gates may be closed as part of the ongoing efforts to keep us safe, we’ve got a way you can enjoy all of the fun of the theme park without leaving your house.

Pick a seat, expand to full screen, move with the bends and scream if you want to go faster on some of the UAE’s best coaster scenarios.

Madagascar Mad Pursuit, Motiongate, Dubai Parks and Resorts

Don’t be fooled by the cutesie Dreamworks characters, this is a serious rollercoaster. It begins with a cannon barrel send off and then hurtles around bends, pulling cheek-flapping Gs.

Formula Rossa, Ferrari World Abu Dhabi, Yas Island

No big deal, just the world’s fastest roller coaster. It goes from zero to 240kph in just four seconds, an acceleration when you’re on the ride, that genuinely feels like you’re about to punch a hole through time.

The Velociraptor, IMG Worlds Of Adventure, Dubailand

This cheeky little coaster sports a Jurassic pair of gnashers and offers classic adrenalin thrills. The full, towering loop and gnarly corkscrew turns, almost guarantee a chorus of ‘again, again.’

Poseidon’s Revenge, Aquaventure, Atlantis The Palm, Dubai

This is a water flume ride for people that run towards the word ‘nope.’ It begins with you being shut into a glass coffin, with a trap door beneath you. A recorded voice counts down from three, before the floor is literally yanked out from under you and you tumble, practically in free-fall, through an almost vertical drop. Start the video at 4mins 40secs to jump straight in.

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Capitol Bullet Train, Motiongate, Dubai Parks and Resorts

Inspired by the Hunger Games movies, this ride features a false start, a full invert loop and a teeth jangling network of twists and turns. May the odds be forever in your favour.

Flying Aces, Ferrari World Abu Dhabi, Yas Island

There’s another record-breaker at Ferrari World. Flying Aces simulates a trip in an old bi-plane, takes riders up a 63 metre incline, before stalling and thundering through the world’s highest rollercoaster loop, hitting a top speed of around 120kph.

The Riddler Revolution, Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi, Yas Island

We’ve got a riddle for you, what’s delicious, nutritious, and best avoided before getting on this ride? Lunch. Strap in and prepare to be spun, rocked and hurled over humps to the cackles of Gotham City’s conundrum peddler.