The app is free to download and is full of amazing features…

Louvre Abu Dhabi is home to an incredible collection of important art and historical artifacts, and you can now take a digital tour of the museum’s highlights, complete with virtual tour guide.

There are over 150 audio clips, available in seven languages, illuminating the fascinating stories behind the cleverly curated exhibits.

It’s free to download at both the Apple and Google Play stores, and content isn’t locked behind any paywalls as so often seems to be the case these days.

Armed with a pair of headphones and a thirst for world history, app users can decode the story etched on Tutankhamun’s Stele, pick through the symbology displayed on the statue of Osiris and discover the origin story of the museum’s Chinese winged dragon sculpture or dancing Shiva.

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There are entries explaining the intricacies of astronomical instruments, a guide for what to focus your eyes on in the Tapestry of Daniel and Nebuchadnezzar, and a critics-eye-view of Jacque-Louis David’s portrait of Napoleon Bonaparte.

Intrepid culturenauts can dig through all of the museum’s main collections from ancient relics, right up to modern art.

And there are videos too. You can watch an 8-year timelapse of Louvre Abu Dhabi’s construction for example, and finally answer that nagging question that’s been at the back of your mind ever since you first laid eyes on the building’s mind-blowing architecture… how on earth did they create that roof?

And it’s come at the perfect time, with us all inside self-isolating. It’s got a tonne of engaging interactive content that will help you mix-up the homeschooling schedule or work on your trivia game.

If you’d like to take a look around some of Abu Dhabi’s other important heritage sites, why not check out the Abu Dhabi Culture app. It has 360 tours and virtual postcards to get involved with.

Images: Unsplash