This week is set to be a warm one…

If you ventured outside this weekend you might have noticed a stark increase in temperature compared to before the lockdown began. Summer is officially on its way, as the mercury in the thermometer soars above 40°C across the UAE.

The National Centre of Meteorology (NCM) has revealed highs of 44.5°C in some inland areas of the country, while coastal locations will vary between 30 and 42°C this week.

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Today, Sunday April 26, is likely to stay dry with just a chance to hazy skies and freshening winds. However the skies are expected to become much more cloudy overnight, especially over the coastal and western areas.

The weekly weather report suggests that Monday April 26 could see some light rainfall, as the western and coastal areas turn from hazy to cloudy later on in the day. It’s much of the same on Tuesday April 27, with a decrease in temperatures expected.

On Wednesday April 28 and Thursday April 29, there’s a probability of rainfall, and wind speeds of up to 42 kilometres per hour. This could lead to blowing dust and sand so be sure to take extra care on the roads if that’s the case.

The sea could get quite rough from Wednesday, so if the beaches open up before then, make sure to stay safe near the water, or out at sea. Now that restrictions have been lifted to exercise outside, be careful working out in the warm weather, especially during Ramadan.

Image: Getty